I.T. Security Statement

ABM Manufacturing understands the importance of information security, including cybersecurity, to protect against external threats and malicious insiders. Partnered with one of the UK’s leading cyber and technology solutions providers, our cybersecurity strategy prioritises detection, analysis and response to threat intelligence, cyber risks and malicious activity. We continuously strive to meet or exceed the industry’s information security best practices and apply controls to protect our clients and the firm.

Vulnerability Management

Through our technology solutions provider, we maintain and keep up to date software and firmware patches to ensure all systems, applications and devices owned and managed by ABM Manufacturing are routinely updated with security fixes.  The vulnerability management program includes frequent anti-virus scans, identification, and remediation of security vulnerabilities on all equipment and applications.


ABM Manufacturing protect the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of information by the use of encryption. All data in transit uses secure encryption protocols. Data at rest is also encrypted with strong types of generally accepted, non-proprietary encryption algorithm. Any local data that is stored on all ABM Manufacturing laptops is also encrypted.

IT Support and Management

We have IT incident response policies and plans in place. These cover troubleshooting, response, and reporting conducted by our 24/7 team.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We have processes in place to counteract interruptions to information systems and business activities from the effects of major failures or disasters. This involves data being securely backed up 3 times a day with an infinite retention storage policy. Backups are tested and verified regularly.